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Living Faith School of Theology

Living Faith School of Theology (LFSOT) was founded by Dr. A.L. Downing the Senior Pastor of Living Faith Christian Center in Columbia, SC.  He saw the need, not only for the members of Living Faith Christian Center to study, grow, and become proficient in their knowledge of the Word of God, but also for others around the world.

Here at the LFSOT, we strive for quality education and training for our students. Our esteemed professors are holders of Ph. D. degrees. They are: Founder Dr. A. L. Downing, Rev. Curtis L. Hamilton (College Dean), Dr. Darryl E. Hollowell, and Dr. William Woodard Jr.

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School of Theology




Bishop Albert L. Downing


College Dean

Rev. Curtis L. Hamilton


Dr. William Woodard Jr.


Dr.  Darryl E. Hollowell


Types of Certificates, Diplomas, & Degrees offered

Audit Certificate 

The Audit program is for those individuals attending for their own personal spiritual growth. Must attend all lectures and read all text books. Will receive a Certificate of Attendance for each 3-hour credit program completed.

Associates Program

Is awarded to students who complete their designated second year program for academic credit 60 hours credit total

Diploma Program

A Diploma in Theology is awarded to students who successfully complete their designated first-year program for academic credit (30 credit hours total.

Bachelors Degree

Awarded to a student who successfully complete designated fourth year program for credit 12 hours total

Masters Degree

Awarded to students who successfully complete minimum of 36 credit hours above Bachelors program for credit

Doctoral Degree

Awarded to students who successfully complete 45 credit hours above the Masters program for academic credit

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We are accredited by the editing Commission International, Incorporated (ACII). Is the world’s largest non-governmental accrediting association and was established in 1989. Has members in six countries, including the United States. ACII operate in 35 of United States and have 250 members and candidates in ACII.

Living Faith Ministries School of Theology received its full accreditation in September 2017.

Classes are held

1536 Frye Road

Columbia SC 29203

Phone (803)609-5714/ fax (803) 788-5007

Mail Applications To:

P.O.Box 291808

Columbia SC 29229

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