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“So I tell you to believe that you have received the things you ask for in prayer, and God will give them to you”
Mark 11:24 Expanded Bible (EXB)

I suffered from severe Sciatica. I had severe pain in my legs every day. I dreaded getting out of bed. I would fall to my knees & crawl to the bathroom getting out of the bed because the pain was so bad. The pain went from my lower back all the way down to my calfs in both legs. I could barely stand up in the shower. I would pray and force myself to stand and dance for Christ praising God and singing despite the pain. I even spoke to VA about it but they told me it was not service related. Thank God VA is not my Source! Bishop Downing called people to the alter for healing one Sunday. I went to the alter. I did not tell him about the pain I was having. Only my husband and a couple of praise team members knew. Bishop prayed over me and Glory to God I have not felt that pain in my legs ever since! I get up about the bed with no problems now! I thank God for healing me that day. And I thank Bishop Downing for being our Man of God and allowing God to work through him.




Seed & The Test & The Blessing About a month ago a Seed was delivered to my front door. I had a flood in my apartment to weeks before. Lost my Dryer. I get home from work and a blue envelope was delivered under my door with my name & my daughter name on the envelope. I read the card and it had no name attached. There was a check turned upside down that my daughter pushed over to me face down. I turned it over and it was for $7500.00🙌🏽 on the bottom was sown seed. God is always on time! So we immediately prayed over the seed to see what God wanted us to do with it. And He answered the prayer and we sowed into the churchand 5 lives.

The Test 3 days after we received that blessing I went to Publics. And as I pulled into my parking space there lay a light blue wallet. As I Got out I picked it up and looked to see if someone may have been looking for there wallet. I saw no one in sight. I open the wallet for a ID there was no ID not a picture one to be found. And I'm saying to myself this can't be real there was well over $2000 inside this wallet in cash alot of gift cards and a GL card which I recognize as a Greenlight credit card for teenagers it had a name on the back. And I sat there and I prayed over it that who ever lost this wallet that it be returned back to them so I put the wallet with everything still in tack in a mailer and sealed it and put the young lady name on the outside with lost wallet. And turned it in to public customer service. I knew it was a test. Because after every Seed & blessing there is a test that follows.

After The Test then The Blessing 3 days after the Test came a Blessing. I received $400 unexpectedly and than parked at Walmart $20 bill laying beside my car door. Than I received $150 unexpectedly🙌🏽 I Thank God for the teaching I receive from my Bishop and church family Ministers I Love my church family dearly❤ Thank you Jesus🙌🏽
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